Dissens Institut für Bildung und Forschung e.V is a non-profit NGO with advisory, education and social research services. The main goals of the organization founded in 1990 in Germany is to foster gender equality by promoting non-traditional forms of masculinity (e.g. caring masculinities), questioning binary gender constructions, reducing gender hierarchies and preventing gender violence. These goals are pursued through activities in youth services, adult education as well as scientific work. Dissens acts on a national and European level and has participated in and/or coordinated European projects and networks. As coordinator of the Culture of Care Project Dissens draws on Research results of the Project “Aufdeckung und Prävention sexualisierter Gewalt gegen männliche Kinder und Jugendliche” (Disclosure and Prevention of sexualized violence against male children an youth), as well as previous activities in the field of violence prevention.

logo_Diessens_2 Koordinator – Dissens Institut für Bildung und Forschung e.V. – Germany
logo_MannerBeratung_2 Verein für Männer- und Geschlechterthemen (VMG) – Austria
logo_Ahige_2 Asociación de Hombres por la Igualdad de Género – AHIGE – Spain
logo_Innocenti_2 Instituto degli Innocenti – Italy
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